Wisdom in Transition: Act and Consequence in Second Temple Instructions
Brill. 2008. xiii, 314pp. With dustwrapper. No ownership marks. Hardback. Fine
ADAMS, Samuel L
More details...


Gods of Modern Grub Street: Impressions of Contemporary Authors
Sampson Low, Marston. 1923. vi, 327pp. Hardcover. Good+
ADCOCK, A. St. John
More details...


Stephen Remarx: The Story of a Venture in Ethics
London. Edward Arnold. 1893. (vi), 150pp. Hardback. Very Good
More details...


The Spectator. 8 volumes (complete set)
London. J. and R. Tonson. 1750. c. 300 pp. per vol. Hardback. Very Good
ADDISON, Joseph, STEELE, Richard, et al
More details...


Art and Power: Europe Under the Dictators 1930-45. Foreword by Eric Hobsbawm. Afterword by Neil Ascherson
Thames & Hudson. 1995. 360pp. With dustwrapper. Hardback. Near Fine
More details...


Problems for Thomists: The Problem of Species
New York. Sheed & Ward. 1940. xviii, (2), 303pp. Original cloth, spine faded. Hardback. Very Good+
ADLER, Mortimer J ~(J. Maritain, foreword)
More details...


Hadriani VI. Pont. Max. Sacrae Theologiae peritissimi ... Quaestiones de Sacramentis in Quartum Sententiarum librum
New Jersey. Gregg. 1964. (xx), 428, (12). No dustwrapper. Hardback. Fine
More details...


Philosophy of Religion in Nineteenth-Century England and Beyond
Macmillan. 2000. viii, 274pp. Small damage to dustwrapper. Hardback. Near Fine
More details...


Dialogue on the Soul (Cistercian Fathers Series 22). Translation & Introduction by C. H. Talbot
Cistercian Pub. 1981. 162pp. Paperback. Fine
AELRED of RIEVAULX ~(ed. C. H. Talbot)
More details...


Homeliae de Oneribus Propheticis Isaiae (Corpus Christianorum Continuatio Medievalis, II D)
Turnhout. Brepols. 2005. xxi, 393pp. Hardback. Near Fine
AELREDI RIEVALLENSIS ~(Aelred of Rievaulx)
More details...


The Speeches of Aeschines (Loeb Classical Library 106). Translated by Charles Darwin Adams
Harvard / Heinemann. 1948. Pocketsize, xxiii, 527pp. Hardback. Very Good+
AESCHINES ~(ed. Charles Darwin Adams)
More details...


Fables of Aesop and Other Eminent Mythologists: With Morals and Reflections. Part I. By Sir Roger L'Estrange, Kt
Gregg International. 1972. (viii), 476, (xiv), 238pp. 4to: 18 x 27.5cm. Hardback. Fine
AESOP ~(transl. Roger l'ESTRANGE)
More details...



Visionary Fictions: Apocalyptic Writing from Blake to the Modern Age
Yale U P. 1996. x, 198pp., illus. With dustwrapper. Hardback. Near Fine
AHEARN, Edward J
More details...


Pontifical Ceremonies: A Study of the Episcopal Ceremonies
Burns Oates & Washbourne. 1942. xvi, 358pp. No dustwrapper. Hardback. Very Good+
AHEARNE, Pierce & Michael LANE
More details...


Pontifical Ceremonies: A Study of the Episcopal Ceremonies
Burns Oates. 1942. xv, 358pp. No dustwrapper. Hardback. Very Good+
AHEARNE, Pierce and Michael Lane
More details...


The Psalms of Lament in Mark's Passion: Jesus' Davidic Suffering
Cambridge U P. 2007. xiv, 239pp. Hardback. Fine
More details...


Diversions of Galway: Papers on the History of Linguistics from ICHoLS V, Galway, Ireland, 1-6 September 1990
John Benjamins. 1992. xxviii, 384, (2)pp. No dustwrapper. Hardback. Good+
AHLQVIST, Anders (ed.)
More details...


Areal Diffusion and Genetic Inheritance: Problems in Comparative Linguistics
Oxford UP. 2001. xvi, 453pp. With dustwrapper. Hardback. Near Fine
AIKHENVALD, Alexandra Y. & R. M. W. DIXON (eds)
More details...


Evenings at Home; Or, The Juvenile Budget Opened: A Variety of Miscellaneous Pieces
Edward Lacey. 1845. vi, 556pp. Hardback. Very Good
More details...


Spiritual Instructions and Discourses. 1: The Authentic Seal
Ormylia Publ. 1999. 400pp. No dustwrapper. No ownership marks. Hardback. Fine
AIMILIANOS, Archimandrite
More details...


Words in the Mind: An Introduction to the Mental Lexicon
Blackwell. 2003. xii, 314pp., illus.. Paperback. Fine
More details...


The Etablissements de Saint Louis: Thirteenth-Century Law Texts from Tours, Orleans, and Paris
University of Pennsylvania. 1996. xliv, 177pp. Dustwrapper unfaded and unclipped. Hardback. Fine
AKEHURST, F. R. P. (transl.)
More details...


Surpassing Wonder: The Invention of the Bible and the Talmuds
Harcourt Brace. 1998. xii, 658pp. No ownership marks. With dustwrapper. Hardback. Fine
AKENSON, Donald Harman
More details...


A Life's Oblation: The Biography of Genevieve Hennet de Goutel. With a Preface by the Rev. C.C. Martindale
Burns, Oates & Washbourne. 1921. xxiv, 199 pp. Hardback. Very Good
More details...


The Greek New Testament. Fifth Revised Edition prepated by the Institute for New Testament Textual Research
Deutsche Bibelgesellschaft. 2014. xvii, 899pp. 13 x 19cm. No dustwrapper. Hardcover. Fine
ALAND, Barbara and Kurt et al (eds)
More details...


Materialien zur Neutestamentlichen Handschriftenkunde I
Walter de Gruyter. 1969. vi, 292pp. No dustwrapper. Hardback. Very Good
ALAND, K. (ed)
More details...


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