This site aims to provide anyone interested with information pertaining to Roman Catholicism, faithful to the magisterium of the Church.
Second SpringSecond Spring
The journal of the Centre for Faith and Culture in Oxford, a lay initiative with a focus on applied theology and social issues
The Catholic Liturgical LibraryThe Catholic Liturgical Library
This site is dedicated to providing accurate historical and current information about the liturgies of the Latin (Roman) rite of the Catholic Church. Currently this includes the missal of 1975 (Novus Ordo) and the missal of 1962 (Tridentine).
The Eckhart SocietyThe Eckhart Society
Formed to promote understanding and appreciation of Eckhart's writings and of mediƦval Christian spirituality. Patrons include Fr. Simon Tugwell, OP and Professor Bernard McGinn
The Faith MovementThe Faith Movement
A movement of priests and lay people based in the U.K., interested in promoting orthodox Catholic teaching, with an emphasis on countering the notion that the findings of science undermine the faith.
The Latin Mass SocietyThe Latin Mass Society
An association of Catholic faithful, founded in 1965, dedicated to the promotion of the traditional Latin liturgy of the Catholic Church, the teachings and practices integral to it, the musical tradition which serves it, and the Latin language in which it is celebrated.

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