The Spirit of Catholicism. Translated by Justin McCann. Introduction by Robert A. Krieg
Crossroad. 1997. xxii, 237pp. Spine slightly faded. Paperback. Near Fine
ADAM, Karl
More details...


Webs of Allusion: French Protestant Emblem Books of the Sixteenth Century
Librairie Droz S. A.. 2003. x, 324pp. 4to (25x18cm). Illus. No dustwrapper. Hardback. Fine
ADAMS, Alison
More details...


A Bibliography of French Emblem Books of the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries
Libraire Droz S.A. 1999. xxxii, 670. 4to (25x18.5x5cm). No dustwrapper. Hardback. Near Fine
ADAMS, Alison, Stephen RAWLES and Alison SAUNDERS
More details...


Bibliographie d'ouvrages francais en forme de dialogue: 1700-1750
Voltaire Foundation. 1992. x, 306pp. Top edges slightly foxed. Hardback. Very Good
More details...


Liberal Epic: The Victorian Practice of History from Gibbon to Churchill
University of Virginia Press. 2011. xii, 323pp. With dustwrapper. Hardback. Fine
ADAMS, Edward
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The Text and Language of a Vulgar Latin Chronicle (Anonymous Valesianus II)
Institute Classical Studies. 1976. xxvi, 189pp. 4to (27.5x21.5cm). No ownership marks. Paperback. Very Good
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Hutchinson. 1988. 277pp. Hardback. Near Fine
ADAMS, Richard
More details...


The Soul Cages: An Irish Legend Retold in 20 Woodengravings and Some Words
The Dolmen Press. 1958. (iv), 21pp. Hardback. Good+
More details...


The Princely Courts of Europe: Ritual, Politics and Culture Under the Ancien Regime 1500-1750
Weidenfeld & Nicolson. 1999. 352pp. 4to (27 x 20.5cm). Profusely illus. Hardback. Fine
ADAMSON, John (ed.)
More details...


Stephen Remarx: The Story of a Venture in Ethics
London. Edward Arnold. 1893. (vi), 150pp. Hardback. Very Good
More details...


A Catholic Dictionary: Containing Some Account of the Doctrine, Discipline, Rites, Ceremonies, Councils, and Religious Orders
Routledge & Kegan Paul. 1960. viii, 860pp. Hardback. Very Good+
ADDIS, William E. & Thomas ARNOLD
More details...


The ecclesiology of the Churches of the Dead Cities of Northern Syria
The Ecclesiological Society. 1967. (12) pp, 8 b/w plates, 2 figs. Stapled booklet. Paperback. Very Good+
More details...


Art and Power: Europe Under the Dictators 1930-45. Foreword by Eric Hobsbawm. Afterword by Neil Ascherson
Thames & Hudson. 1995. 360pp. With dustwrapper. Hardback. Near Fine
More details...


Mirrors and Microparameters: Phrase Structure Beyond Free Word Order (Cambridge Studies in Linguistics, 122)
Cambridge UP. 2009. xiv, 190pp. As new. No ownership marks. Hardback. Mint
ADGER, David, Daniel HARBOUR & Laurel J. WATKINS
More details...


Jews of Medieval England
Jewish Hist. Soc. of England. 1939. 384pp., illus. No dust wrapper. Hardback. Very Good
ADLER, Michael
More details...


Problems for Thomists: The Problem of Species
New York. Sheed & Ward. 1940. xviii, (2), 303pp. Original cloth, spine faded. Hardback. Very Good+
ADLER, Mortimer J ~(J. Maritain, foreword)
More details...


Hadriani VI. Pont. Max. Sacrae Theologiae peritissimi ... Quaestiones de Sacramentis in Quartum Sententiarum librum
New Jersey. Gregg. 1964. (xx), 428, (12). No dustwrapper. Hardback. Fine
More details...


Philosophy of Religion in Nineteenth-Century England and Beyond
Macmillan. 2000. viii, 274pp. Small damage to dustwrapper. Hardback. Near Fine
More details...


Pius II (Aeneas Silvius Piccolomini): The Humanist Pope
Methuen. 1913. xiv, 367, (1), 31pp. 16 illus. Owner's inscription. Hardback. Good+
ADY, Cecilia M
More details...


Homilies of Aelfric: A Supplementary Collection. Edited by John C. Pope (Early English Text Society 259-60) 2 vols
Oxford U P. 1968. xviii, 492 + viii, 493-946, 8pp. No dustwrappers. Hardback. Very Good+
AELFRIC ~(ed. John C. Pope)
More details...


Spiritual Friendship. Introduction by Douglass Roby (Cistercian Fathers Series, 5)
Cistercian. 1977. 144, (1)pp. No ownership marks. Paperback. Very Good
AELRED of Rievaulx, St
More details...



The Mirror of Charity. Translated by Elizabeth Connor. Introduction and Notes by Charles Dumont (Cistercian Fathers 17)
Cistercian. 1990. 324, (4)pp. No ownership marks. ~Robust packaging. Paperback. Fine
AELRED of Rievaulx, St
More details...


The Mirror of Charity: The Speculum Caritatis of St Aelred of Rievaulx. Eds Geoffrey Webb & Adrian Walker
Catholic Book Club. 1962. xv, 159pp. With dustwrapper. No ownership marks. Hardback. Very Good
AELRED of RIEVAULX, St ~(ed. Geoffrey Webb and Adrian Walker)
More details...


The Mirror of Charity: The Speculum Charitatis. Translated and arranged by Geoffrey Webb and Adrian Walker. With an Introduction
Catholic Book Club. 1962. xvi, 159pp. Foxing to top edges. Hardback. Very Good
AELRED of Rievaulx, St ~(ed. Geoffrey Webb and Adrian Walker)
More details...


Aelric's Lives of Saints, being a Set of Sermons on Saints' Days formerly observed by the English Church. 2 vols (set)
EETS / Oxford. 1966. viii, 553 + lxii, 474 pp. Hardback. Very Good+
AELRIC ~( SKEAT (ed) )
More details...


Against Timarchos. Introduction, Translation, and Commentary by Nick Fisher
Oxford U P. 2001. xv, 397pp. No ownership marks. Paperback. Near Fine
AESCHINES ~(ed. Nick Fisher)
More details...


Suppliant Maidens / Persians / Prometheus / Seven Against Thebes / Agamemnon / Libation-Bearers / Eumenides / Fragments. 2 vols
Heinemann / G. P. Putnam's. 1957. xl, 426, 10 + vi, 612, (2), 8pp. No dustwrappers. Hardback. Fine
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