The Reception of Vatican II
Cat. Uni. of Am. Pr.. 1987. x, 363pp. Paperback. Fine
ALBERIGO, Giuseppe, Jean-Pierre JOSSUA & Joseph A. KOMONCHAK
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On Union With God (Ways of Mysticism)
Continuum. 2000. 96pp. illus. No ownership marks. With dustwrapper. Hardback. Fine
ALBERT the Great
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Selected Writings. Translated, edited & introduced by Simon Tugwell. Preface by Leonard Boyle (Classics of Western Spirituality)
New York. Paulist. 1988. xv, 650pp. No ownership marks. Paperback. Fine
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Aspasius: The Earliest Extant Commentary on Aristotle's Ethics (Peripatoi, 17)
Walter de Gruyter. 1999. 208pp. No dustwrapper. Hardback. Very Good+
ALBERTI, Antonia & Robert W. SHARPLES (ed) ~ASPASIUS
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Alberti Magni Super Matthaeum. Ad Fidem Autographi Edidit Bernhardus Schmidt (Opera Omnia 21, 1 & 2). 2 vols
Monasterii Westfalorum. 1987. lxxvii, (3), 437 + (iii), 437-771, (4)pp. Hardback. Near Fine
ALBERTUS MAGNUS, S ~(St. Albert the Great)
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Alberti Magni Liber De Natura et Origine Animae; Liber de Principiis Motus Processivi; Quaestiones Super De Animalibus (Opera Omnia 12)
Monasterii Westfalorum. 1955. xx, 359, (3)pp. Large 4to (32.5x25cm). Hardback. Near Fine
ALBERTUS MAGNUS, S ~(St. Albert the Great) ~(ed. B.Geyer)
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Alberti Magni Metaphysica Edidit Bernhardus Geyer (Opera Omnia 16, 1 & 16, 2). 2 vols
Monasterii Westfalorum. 1960. xxx, 300, (4) + xxxi-xlvi, 301-653, (1)pp. Hardback. Near Fine
ALBERTUS MAGNUS, S ~(St. Albert the Great) ~(Ed. Bernhardus Geyer)
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Alberti Magni De Anima. Edidit Clemens Stroik (Opera Omnia 7, 1)
Monasterii Westfalorum. 1968. xxii, 285pp. Large 4to (32.5x25cm). No dustwrapper. Hardback. Near Fine
ALBERTUS MAGNUS, S ~(St. Albert the Great) ~(ed. C. Stroik)
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Alberti Magni Postilla Super Isaiam; Postillae Super Ieremiam et Postillae Super Ezechielem Fragmenta (Opera Omnia 19)
Monasterii Westfalorum. 1952. xxiv, (2), 683, (2)pp. 32.5x25cm. No dustwrapper. Hardback. Near Fine
ALBERTUS MAGNUS, S ~(St. Albert the Great) ~(ed. F.Siepmann)
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Alberti Magni De Caelo et Mundo. Ad Fidem Autographi Edidit Paulus Hossfeld (Opera Omnia 5, 1)
Monasterii Westfalorum. 1971. xxiv, 342pp. Large 4to (32.5x25cm). No dustwrapper. Hardback. Near Fine
ALBERTUS MAGNUS, S ~(St. Albert the Great) ~(ed. P. Hossfeld)
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Hierarchy Centenary Congress 1950 Official Guide & Handbook
Burghleigh Press. 1950. 80pp., illus with portraits. Stapled booklet. Very Good+
ALBION, Gordon et al
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An Introduction to Egyption Arabic
Michigan UP. 1975. xxviii, 407pp. No dustwrapper. Paperback. Good+
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Historia de la Provincia de la Compania de Jesus de Nueva Espana. 4 vols (Bibliotheca Instituti Historici IX, XIII, XVI, XVII)
Institutum Historicum. 1960. xxxii, 640 + xxxii, 747 + xxvi, 502 + xxx, 663pp. Paperback. Near Fine
ALEGRE, Francisco Javier
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A Specimen of Amendments Candidly Proposed
London. No publisher. 1741. (xiv), 244, (iii) pp. Hardback. Nr Good
ALETHES, Clerophilus (John CONSTABLE)
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Borough Government and Politics: Reading 1835 - 1985
Allen & Unwin. 1985. xiv, 235pp, 10 plates. No ownership marks. Hardback. Fine
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The Early Writings of Charlotte Bronte
Basil Blackwell. 1983. xiv, 329pp. 28 illus. No ownership marks. Paperback. Very Good
ALEXANDER, Christine
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A Spiritual Retreat
Burns Oates & Washbourne. 1920. xiii, 218pp. Hardback. Very Good+
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A Survey of Manuscripts Illuminated in the British Isles. Vols 1-7
Harvey Miller / Oxford UP. 1988. c. 400pp. per vol. Hardback. Near Fine
ALEXANDER, J. J. G. et al
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Medieval Illuminators and Their Methods of Work
Yale U P. 1992. viii, 214pp. 22 x 28.5cm. With dustwrapper. Hardback. Fine
ALEXANDER, Jonathan J. G
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Bumpus / Oxford. 1928. xv, 264pp. Small 4to(xxx). No dustwrapper. Hardback. Near Fine
ALEXANDER, Russell George
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The Conversion of Constantine and Pagan Rome
Oxford / Clarendon. 1948. viii, 140pp. Fresh condition. No dustwrapper. Hardback. Near Fine
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Islam and Muslims in Germany (Muslim Minorities, 7)
Leiden / Boston. Brill. 2008. xx, 591, (i) pp. Hardback. Fine
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My Early Soldiering Days, Including the Crimean Campaign
The Edinburgh Press. 1897. xii, 189pp. No dustwrapper. Hardback. Very Good
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The Andromache and Euripidean Tragedy (Oxford Classical Monographs)
Oxford U P. 2000. xii, 310pp. With dustwrapper. Hardback. Near Fine
ALLAN, William
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Biography of the English Benedictines (Saint Laurence Papers IV)
Ampleforth Abbey. 1999. xv, 476pp. Hardback. Near Fine
ALLANSON, Athanasius
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David Jones: Writer and Artist
Constable. 2003. xii, 208pp., illus. With dustwrapper. Hardback. Fine
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The Book of Revelation and Early Jewish Textual Culture
Cambridge UP. 2017. xix,356pp. With dustwrapper. Hardback. Fine
ALLEN, Garrick V
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The International Eucharistic Congresses: A Spiritual Odyssey, 1881-2016
Gracewing. 2018. xvi, 383pp. Paperback. New
ALLEN, John Francis
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